Friday, 15 June 2012

A new Heave the Sun track

There's gonna be a full-length Heave the Sun album in a little while, titled "Empyreal Obtenebration", and it's gonna be epic. Not epic in the way that it'd be slow and huge, but... well, length and variety. I'm being so selfish today, but I mean: black metal, ambient, psychedelic, industrial, classical, deathcore, folk, rock... yeah. I'm really proud of the songs so far, especially the latest three I did. One of them has only clean vocals, and I actually managed to sound pretty good in my own opinion, even though I'm sure no one will agree. :P

Anyway, since everyone who's reading this will most likely want to hear something, I've uploaded one of the songs to Youtube. I'm not exactly sure what genre it really is, but I'm pretty sure it'd be something like psychedelic ambient deathrock or whatever other retarded genre names there are.

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