Monday, 24 September 2012

Smunctrum + film review: Sucker Punch + "art"

Greetings, people of... tortoisopotatia? I don't even know, but I've... uh, come back from, um, doing stuff. So, the big announcement is:

You might be thinking "What? What's Smunctrum?" and well, you have all reason to be confused or annoyed or whatever. But yeah, it's a new band. For the time being, yes, this is practically another solo project, although in the future it  won't be. And you know what's awesome? That other person is Nves. Yeah, that way underrated genius. This is the first song of something that will be epic in epic amounts.

Yeah, you're probably not convinced by it being epic, but well, let me explain: this first song doesn't have anything recorded by Nves, so yeah, it's not as epic as it would be if he'd have done some actual stuff to it as well. The reason he didn't? He's busy working on the new MAXD album, which I can't wait for... hopefully it'll be finished this year... or otherwise this Smunctrum thing won't really begin until next year, but oh well.

Anyway, when you see "experimental industrial rock/nu metal", that's the only way it can be put for now. I mean, there's a very simple groovy main riff that's been used in at least a thousand rock songs, hip hop beat-like drums, screamed vocals, clean vocals, rapping... wait a second, did I just say rapping? You know, I did, and it's true, and while I'm obviously not the best at that, with some little help by Nves, I managed to make it sound tolerable by using a shitload of effects (but that's not even very noticeable!). Of course, there's only one part near the end with rapping, unless you count the "keep your hands off, I'm on fire" parts as rapping. I don't, so it's just near the end. Anyway, the synth also is very basic, as is the bass, blah blah. It's a very simple song, okay? Don't let that misguide you into thinking it wouldn't be good. You know how usually I'm all self-hating? Notice how that's all gone? It's all because of the great Nves. Do I sound like a fanboy who's been given a ticket to heaven? If I do, well, you should understand. Anyway, yeah, well, there are deathstep-influenced parts, a psytrance-influenced part, blues-influenced parts, etc. and of course, I couldn't have succeeded at doing this entirely by myself; I mean, yeah, I technically somewhat did it all by myself, but Nves gave tips and stuff, helped with the concept, etc. and in songs that will be done later, well, he'll be involved in the actual making of the songs more than just that and the little effecting (if that's a word), which I, honestly, can't wait for at all. But I'm kinda worried how messy things might get if we both do "everything", you know, but well... that's a problem that will be at that time.

So, after this huge long rant, listen the song:

...but yeah, please "like" it, comment, favorite, etc. blah blah, if you think it's nice or cool or whatever. Also, go check out Nves' youtube account and subscribe to him and stuff: He's one of the reasons I kind of like sort of like the color pink, by the way, so that makes him even more epic. Although a lot of that is because of a certain Jack as well, but whatever. :P

Oh, and one more thing, although I'm a bit late to say it. The movie "Sucker Punch" kicks ass so much, or should I say, PUNCHES ASS I'm such a kid. But yeah, I just saw it last night, and while it was as epic as I expected it to be, it was a bit underwhelming in that it lacked an epic finale, like a moment of defining the epic stuff that went on in the imaginary/fantasy world/whatever. Oh well, it was still a huge movie, really awesome in pretty much every way, and Emily Browning is so hot... ❤ Anyway, I don't understand how critics claim it's misogynist or whatever; it seemed pretty much like the opposite, even considering how it ended and had a depressing undertone and overtone with non-depressing stuff layered in between. Just think of it this way: 99% of guys, even in action/fantasy movies, don't become as epicizedly great at almost everything so fast, etc. and seriously, overanalyzing movies isn't a good thing. But well, it was an awesome movie, that's all I can say, although the dragon thing was also a bit underwhelming, it could've been so much more epic if there had been an epic battle (lol, I love epic battles...) in small scale as well as the big scale, as there usually are in fantasy films. But you know, I'm not complaining. I wouldn't complain about a movie unless it really sucked gotta avoid pun gotta avoid pun gotta avoid pun ass, since everyone has their own taste.

I should've said "two more things", but since that "one more thing" was a reference to a repeated line in that movie, you know... anyway, so, yeah, this blog post won't end here:

I did this "abstract art" thing, although it's really crappy and stuff, but well. Lick it, it's a thumbnail.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Heave the Sun - Four-Dimensional Fractal Maze (newer version)

Well, I made this one a bit longer and better. Now I'm really proud of it, and I hope people like it. But please, put it to HD so it'll sound a lot better.