Saturday, 1 December 2012

Piracy/anti-piracy laws, etc., apparently there's going to be some kind of megastrict copyright law against piracy here in Finland soon. In my opinion, it's ridiculous; its only aim is to get more money to the already rich artists who get money from every source that they can get money from, and to oppress all unsigned/small label artists who aren't as famous and rich. I mean, in my opinion, piracy shouldn't be considered a bad thing in most cases. Sure there are times when it's obviously harmful to whoever made whatever is being pirated, but that's only understandable when there's someone making money for pirating it, like selling pirated movies and albums, but that's not very common. Well, it is, but it's not very commonly fought against. It's all about oppressing the non-mainstream everything, which is plain wrong.

I mean, of course, I understand it must feel horrible for anyone who makes money for music to have their stuff downloaded for free at first, but a lot take it as a sort of compliment, since their stuff is good enough to be spread illegally. Even though I've never gotten any money for making music, there's been that whole thing of people selling my music (which is legally downloadable for free), and that feels horrible, of course, but it's a whole another thing, and it happens to everyone who makes music at some point in their life, I think. Well, at least most. So, that's the kind of piracy that should be fought against, I think.

Laws that have more negative than positive consequences aren't useful and a lot of people will break them just to fuck with the government, that's how it's always been with everything. This is another one of those things, and I'm sure there will be some protests when random people start getting arrested without any evidence against them.

...but like, seriously, there's no need for any stricter copyright laws, in my opinion, at least. They're already strict enough, if not too strict. If you disagree, that's just your opinion, even if you're some overly rich money-bathing super famous artist whose music is on MTV all the time and whatnot. Their opinion isn't any better than any other people's, just because they have more money... that's why the laws suck, because only the most famous people get a chance to say anything about it all.

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  1. My sentiments exactly. The more I look at copyright law, the more I realize just how utterly broken it is. Modern copyright law is not about "protecting the artists" as the entertainment industry would like you to believe. Instead, it's all about helping already rich men become even richer.