Saturday, 29 December 2012

Wikipedia's grey hole

There's a page on Wikipedia about grey holes. Now, grey holes in themselves are a bit tricky to make fun out of, since at least so far they're not even considered to exist by astronomers or physicists (or anyone else, really) and so it's not exactly easy to make a joke about grey holes without having to explain how you think they work, but... but...

(A screenshot of it, just in case it gets deleted or something. Click it to enlarge.)
...just read it. Like, WHAT?!?!?! Whoever that Sofie Laso is, she probably wrote that herself (which is cool, heh), and I'm really, really wondering about how it's stayed there. It's like... do they find it so funny they won't delete it, so that they can laugh every day about how ridiculous it is? If that's how it is, I actually hope it'll remain that way, since it's funny and a good way to demonstrate how Wikipedia isn't exactly trustworthy.

So, the unlikely name and misspelling "physics" as "physcis" made me think... an anagram? Interestingly enough, "physcis Dr Sofie Laso" could end up as "I fooled physics" with A, R, and two S's left out. So, one possible explanation could be that it's actually "Sari's fooled physics", Sari being the name of whoever fooled physics, however that happened. It could also be "dear Sy's foolish pics", but I don't know if that makes even any sense... but something about fools/fooling/whatever would make a lot of sense, considering the context and all.

I mean, "Sofie Laso" is just a weird name, no offence to anyone named that. It just seems so much like an anagram... maybe it's a non-english anagram, like spanish or soemthing? And I'm not saying it's a weird name because it sounds like a "foreign name" (mind you, my own name is "lolwtf" to english-speaking people), but because it's two very short words, which isn't how names work very often, or there'd be extremely many people with every name. Sure, some people have short and similar names, but... you know. I'm not saying it's impossible for there to be a person with the name "Sofie Laso" and that they're a physicist (physcicist?), but it's just, I don't know. Google shows no result when searching it with quotes, apart from that Wikipedia grey hole page and some people who aren't physicists and mathematicians, like that Wikipedia page claims, so...

Besides, a 15-year-old who discovered grey holes? Seems a little... unlikely... you know, grey holes haven't even been discovered and nobody thinks that they even exist seriously, apart from some crazy people and/or very theoretical physicists. I mean, if someone, especially so young, had actually DISCOVERED one (or several, as that page seems to suggest), it'd probably be all over the news and stuff. Since, like, even white holes haven't really been found, at least yet, and even the familiar, good old black holes have never been actually seen...

And just to end this post with a funny retarded gif:

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