Wednesday, 9 January 2013


"BLACK SATAN DEMON FROM THE HELL" would be an epic thing to say to anyone in any situation. For example, in school, if asked what you want to be when you grow up... assuming anyone that young is reading my blog. Which, if I'm honest, I hope no one is.

Also, I've been doing a new Heave the Sun album, which is somewhat half an hour long now. I'm going to do at least one more song, I think, and it'll be finished, although I might do more if I get in the right mood. It's more black metal than anything I've ever done before (including all the Goat Bishop stuff), so I'm really satisfied with and successfully happy about that. :D



...writing the novel, which will be really HIDDEN SATANIC ABYSS OF THE 666 IN THE DARK OF BLOODSHED VIRGIN SACRIFICE

...this post is turning out pretty hard to SATAN DEATH RAPE VIRGIN IN THE HELL






Okay, it seems like it's over now. What was I saying? Oh, right, the novel. It's not finished yet, and won't be in a looong time (sorry, all the 2 people who care), mostly because of my perfectionism and not being able to write perfectly, which means that... well, I'm rewriting parts, but I'm too lazy to do that, so it's just one huge mess from start to finish, at the moment. I wouldn't put any hopes on it ever getting finished, if I'd be one of the 2 people who're interested... sorry. But I'm still trying to do it, of course, and even if I never end up finishing it, at least I'll be writing it, if for no other reason than for personal fun, then so be it. I never thought I'd use those words... oh shit. D:

I've also been doing a new DES song, although it's not finished, and probably won't be in a while (it's less than a minute long so far, and just doesn't sound right). But well, so far I'm proud of how that's turning out.

Oh, and me and a certain Jacob did a kind of extremely überbrutal deathcore song that's, well, extremely überbrutal. He recorded guitar and bass, I did the drum programming and vocals. I'm not sure what will happen with that whole thing now, but if he's happy with my vocals, then probably something. If not, well, dunno. But I'm proud of how retarded I managed to sound (and the lyrics are about Satan fisting people (including you) to death and stuff) without sounding like some kind of actually retarded person.

Also, one thing I'm really excited about is that whole Smunctrum thing. If you have no idea what that is, well, it's something I do with Nves. :P Kind of like, nu metal/noise rock or something. Only one song so far, but another one is pretty much finished as of today (but we both agree that it just lacks something... some kind of... spark...), so it shouldn't be too long since that's on Youtube and stuff, and BLACK SATAN DEMON FROM THE HELL BURNS 666 CHURCHES TO THE HUMAN SACRIFICE COLONY OF METALLIC SATAN DARKNESS IN BLACK EVIL HORROR

...I was done already, so that just... yeah. :P

PS: This post is not racist. The "black" is as in black metal and stuff, not as in the skin colour.

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