Thursday, 31 October 2013

Oh look, it's halloween (new Heave the Sun + a zombie thingy)

...and because of that, I was in the mood to do some dark ambient:

Also finally posted this on Tumblr and now here. I hadn't before, even though I'd already done it like a month ago:

Monday, 14 October 2013

New dubstep + weird Pokémon fusions + other stuff

I spent the whole weekend making music almost non-stop, and the results are:

An orchestral dubstep song with samples from Breaking Bad! I'm really proud of it, since I finally managed to achieve that kinda thickness that's always good in dubstep, but I'd never been able to properly do it myself before. So, yay. Breaking Bad was one awesome TV series, so I hope this matches that awesomeness. Probably not, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out, although it might be a little happy-sounding with all those strings and choir shit and stuff.


Some extremely simple, repetitive dubstep that's filthier than gargling diarrhoea and menstrual blood while forcefeeding an aborted fetus to a masturbating fat guy who's being anal raped by a badly decomposed zombie octopus. What, it's not that filthy? Fine, whatever, fuck off. :P It's still the closest to actual dubstep I've ever done, so don't complain.

Also, I've started uploading my stuff to Soundcloud again:


In other news (those words always make me think of an old man with grey hair and a cheap grey suit), I did some so-called art of Pokémon fusions: (click for full sizes, obviously)

I also posted them on Tumblr, because Tumblr exists. And like I said there, no offence towards anyone is intended, although I understand why they might be a bit potentially offensive with all that pseudo-sexual stuff and menstruation and shit.

Bloody batman, I've mentioned menstruation twice in this post. Does that officially make me a pervert of some sort? XDDDD Seriously, though, it's just that from a guy's point of view, menstruation is pretty damn creepy and unsettling (not saying it isn't for girls (is it, though?)); we can't really understand it, and thus we naturally feel disturbed by it. And that makes it suitable to be implemented into things that are meant to be both disturbing and disgusting. I don't mean to offend any female human beings, though! It's just, you know... a thing... sorry.

Oh, and I watched Pacific Rim. It was fucking epic, so epic that I was literally shaking with epicness, and was like "OMGGGG~" for a long, long time. Then, it just ended abruptly, and... like, what. The ending seemed kinda bland, since until then it was so amatzscheronising. Oh well, that definitely didn't ruin the movie, although I felt like it would've been much more awesome if there was something about what happened afterwards. Then again, apparently they'll be making a sequel, so I won't complain. Hopefully it'll be at least three hours long, that'd be epic... :0

And one funny thing: I could swear that when they were fighting in the city, the fat kaiju said "motherfucker" at one point. It was so clear, I'm pretty sure it was intentional. If not, it's either my ears malfunctioning or a funny coincidence.

Speaking of films I've watched lately, Phenomenon (1996) was fun. Sure, the plot was pretty stupid overall, and a lot of the music made me want to facepalm, but there were some funny parts and sad parts that actually were sad (but still with a funny undertone), although I'm not sure if that was intentional. Maybe it was supposed to be a drama and not a comedy with some dramaish moments, but was a failure at that. Doesn't really matter, though, since it was entertaining to watch and the "tentacle" thing in the end... well, Davy Jones, 'nuff said. (Yeah, I know, it was older than the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but still, for some reason, the mental image of tentacles coming out of John Travolta's mouth and ears makes me think of Davy Jones (and yes, I know, it was a tumour, and tumours don't give you cephalopod-parts, but it was referred to as tentacles, and there are only two things that tentacles exist for: Davy Jones and porn))