Monday, 17 March 2014

Film review: Blood Shed (2014)

For some reason, everyone seems to hate this film, just like many others that are pretty damn awesome and entertaining. Hell, this is actually unique! Maybe it's getting bad reviews because it's somewhat confusing, or maybe because it has lots and lots of blood flying around (but honestly, what do you expect from a movie with a name like "Blood Shed"?), there's quite a lot of pointless nudity and it has some pretty caricature-like stereotypical characters.

But all that can be moved past easier than it is to say "moving past". Well, at least for me, partially because the atmosphere is spot-on weird and in some ways reminds me of the various creepy people that used to hang out all over the place around the area where I live. Still, it's not that that makes it a good film, it's that it has much more believable acting than most films and most of the time, no one makes completely idiotic decisions; there are those "let's split up"-moments, but they're not nearly as forced or distracting as in the vast majority of horror films, where there literally seems to be no point in wandering around aimlessly. In this one, there's always a reason.

I'll have to admit that I have absolutely no clue what that whole first half an hour or so was about (especially the teeth-thing), but it's easily forgotten once stuff starts happening.

Oh, and no, this is not one of those films that will have you trembling on the side of your seat or jumping up and down, but it has that type of oddness to it that I can't really remember being conveyed as well anywhere else. So, 80/100. Yes, I like to rate stuff highly, but let's be honest; if it's entertaining, it deserves a high score, doesn't it?

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