Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Film review: The Quiet Ones (2014)

FUCK YEAH. This film was amazing, although it could've done without a few pretty cheesy bits. Even though it wasn't perfect, it's up there with other recent horror films of similar type like "The Possession" and "The Conjuring", and it has a nice grainy style to it; the effects are damn fucking cool and realistic for the most part, which is honestly getting far too rare in modern horror. In this one, though, there was a sort of a grittiness to the few parts where the shit was shown as it hit the fan.

For me, this one's highlight was definitely when they went to the room filled with all the weird stuff and there was that baby death-stain. Like, it wasn't exactly scary, but it was literally one of the creepiest scenes ever in any films with this type of a theme/plot/whatever. Really subtle, but not too much so to end up being one of those "here's some vague shit in the dark for you to try to make something out of"-moments. And the sound at that part, holy fuck that was just cringe-worthy in all the best ways. As in, you know, something you'll react to by whispering "I just pooped a little".

Now, like I said, this film isn't perfect. The ending, for one, has definitely more than enough potential to ruin the entire thing for some people. A cheesy ass face jumping at the camera? Oh, yeah, haven't seen that one a thousand times before... and that last scene? What was the point? Like, really? REALLY?!?!?

But yeah, that's not too big a deal when the whole thing, overall, was entertaining and well made. I could complain about the fact that the exact same plot has been done over and over to death and beyond countless times before, that the acting felt exaggerated at some parts and lazy/rushed at others, or a handful of other barely noticeable flaws, but I won't.

So, my opinion is that everyone should watch this if they enjoy horror films where paranormal shit hits the fan with style. I'll either give this 85/100 or 90/100, depending on the context I think of it as. No matter how much I'd try to convince myself that the lame ending didn't affect the rest of the movie, it kinda did. Not much, but a little... then, on the other hand, compared to other similar films, the ending wasn't much worse than the average ones.

So, yeah. It's creepy, has some actually pretty scary bits, lots of atmosphere, a few hilariously overly cliche funny lines here and there, and the actors/actresses are great; Jared Harris and Olivia Cooke, YAY. The others, too, but JARED HARRIS AND OLIVIA COOKE, YAY.

PS: All the people who say shit about this film suck more than a vacuum cleaner on steroids.

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