Friday, 6 June 2014

Film review: Cashback (2006)

Alright, well, I liked this film. No, not because of "all teh bewbz", but because it was pretty damn awesome and creatively done, and... well, it just didn't have many flaws. Sure, it was a bit weird, but weirdness is generally good. Of course, it was far from perfect if it's looked at from the view that all films are equal, but for what it is, it's actually pretty close to perfect.

In all honesty, though, this is one of those films that I wouldn't recommend to almost anyone to watch if I wasn't sure they'd like it. The reason for that is mostly that it could be seen as sexist as all fuck (because apparently "perverted" male characters in a film = incredibly sexist, perverted film). Like, I know a few of my friends would absolutely hate this and I hope they'll never ever even find out it exists, because they'd probably have orgies while ranting about how horrible and wrong and disgusting this is, probably start campaigns to ban it or something ridiculous like that.

But the thing is, nudity can be cool. I mean, I was raised pretty prudishly (in the sense that I didn't even know what sex was until I was like 12 when it was taught at school, not as in "sex is bad, mkay"), and, well, it's kinda hard to shake that type of a feeling off, but I feel like I've succeeded pretty well. But still, the first instinct with nudity for me is that it's sexual because of that, even though I can instantly differentiate whether it's sexual or not (unless it's purposefully(?) ambiguous)... the reason I mention that is that the way I saw it, this film was not at all sexual, even when it had actually sexual scenes.

The meh-sides like that random person who ran off in the middle, and the lack of anything really special left me feeling a bit "meh"-ish, but apart from that, this is gonna get 75/100. I feel a little bad about liking it, because it was full of random sexy scenes and seemingly out-of-place humour; I've spent way too much time on Tumblr, if you can't tell..., yeah. I'm gonna conclude this review by deciding that I'd have liked this a lot, lot more if I wouldn't have immersed myself in the correctedness standards set by the users of Tumblr. So, thanks, Tumblr, for ruining my ability to have fun by watching films. ,_,

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