Sunday, 13 July 2014

Film review: Occult (2009)

Knowing that this is directed by the same guy who directed "The Curse" got me all pumped, so obviously the expectations were high. I'd wanted to watch this for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to it (because I forgot, for lack of a better reason, actually). But...

I'm just gonna point out that this isn't a horror film. I mean, sure, it starts out in a way that until about halfway through, it passes off as one. Until the last tenth, it still keeps some of that feel. But then, the ending... I... what. Disregarding the last minute, it was a good film, overall. The effects were cheesy and whatnot, but that added to the whole confusion that was already bubbling everywhere.

Still, there are so many ways this could've gone, and it went with the most predictable and mundane one. Maybe that was on purpose and the whole thing was supposed to be a kind of a symbolic thing, but then the ending makes no sense.

Well, whatever. It was creepy, obviously, and had some pretty badass creepy music in it, and there weren't that many jumpscares, which is enough in my opinion for a 70/100.

The ending, though... I didn't exactly laugh, but I would have if I wasn't too busy wtfing my face out. :D

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