Monday, 4 August 2014

Film review: Bad Meat (2011)

I usually like comedy horror films, so it's not like I expected to not like this. But... it was different from what I expected, obviously. The plot was scattered all over the place and... well... the ending was creepy as fuck, as was the whole bandange thing overall. Besides that, it was pretty laughable even when it was supposed to be scary, but that doesn't really bother me since that's cool.

And, while I'm at it... I'm kinda biased in feeling positive about this. I mean, I'm always biased in the "everything's good, yay"-way, but... b-but I have, like, this huge ass fear of thoroughly mutilated people and crawling people. Combine those two with lots of dark and stuff, and holy fucking shit nipples, I'm sweating like a dick. Of course, this wasn't as horrifying as that one episode of Masters of Horror, which was kinda similar in the whole bandaged-person-in-a-bed-crawling-around-being-fucking-terrifying-way, but if anything was scarier than that (or the ending of Thanatomorphose (well, not the ending ending, but like the ending until the very last tiny wtf moment that kinda left the whole scene feeling "um ok lolwut" instead of "I will never sleep again")), I mean, I'd probably literally shit myself.

So, yeah. If anyone's reading this, and wants to recommend some horror films where creepy people/things crawl about, do that and I'll love-hate you forever. Anyway, the zombies or whatever in this were done pretty funnily, which was fun, but that took off the horror element almost entirely. Still, great actors and over-the-top stuff, YAY. 78/100.

Oh, and by the way, since I've read a few reviews others have written: I actually liked the ending's ambiguity. The bandage person could be anyone. Hell, it might even be the nazi camp leader dude. And it was fucking creepy.

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