Friday, 21 August 2015

An idea: linguistic analysis of autistic speech

There was just a documentary on TV about autism, it was really interesting and it had this kid in it who spoke "gibberish". That got me thinking. Is it really gibberish? Has anyone ever analysed the speech of autists linguistically? What if there exists an universal autistic language? I mean, I know it's a pretty ridiculous claim and I'm not saying that's how it is, but there could be a one in a billion chance that it is exactly that. The reason I even consider it is that when I was a kid, I behaved a lot like how autists behave, but was never diagnosed with autism or any related conditions (probably mainly because it all boiled down to that it had to be a mental illness of some kind because I had hallucinations and shit to go with it all), and I've always had a feeling that there's a language that some people just naturally have a grasp of even if it's difficult to understand even your own words in it. It's hard to explain but, like, consider the fact that words exist without meaning and meaning exists without words, so in the context of autism it could make sense to assume that there is meaning in the "meaningless" words that some autists speak, but there hasn't been a translation of the language. I know it's quite a leap of logic, but still... it would be interesting if somebody dug into it. I wish I could do it, but since I'm just a nobody... well, you know, I can't.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Film review: The Possession of Michael King (2014)

I'm just gonna start by saying that if you're gonna watch this, you may want to prepare yourself with diapers and a punching bag at hand. I didn't, and now I'm sitting here like "fuck you... fuck you". No, that isn't because it's that scary; it isn't, although it does have effective and quite original suspense moments and plenty of fucking jumpscares, but because of the volume. I mean, holy fucking shit, the first distorted scream/noise mess literally made my ears ring for a good while. And, since there are a lot of moments like that in the film, my ears are hurting and everything sounds muffled since. If you can handle listening to Merzbow at full volume, you have nothing to worry about, but if you can't... well, you are going to want to throw your headphones (or speakers, whatever) into a wall. That's what the punching bag would be for.

Other than that, it was actually pretty good. The demon voices were hilarious at some parts, though. But yeah, I liked it. I'm not gonna spoil anything, and am just gonna give it a 75/100. Could've been much better, but it was pretty fucking awesome.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Film review: Tusk (2014)

WHAT THE FUCK. I had no idea what this was about when I started watching it, as usual with almost every film I decide to watch, and holy fucking shitballs I laughed so fucking hard at this shit. It was ridiculous in all the most fucked up ways, and I can't even explain how glad I am that I didn't know the obvious thing from the start because it made it so much more wtf, since I expected something entirely different. It's always best to watch stuff without knowing anything about it before, haha. But seriously, holy shit. I didn't realise that that one dude was Johnny Depp until later, but that only makes this better it's not obvious and he's not rubbing himself in your face like "yo I'm Johnny Depp and I'm in this film" or whatever.