Thursday, 16 November 2017

Firefox Quantum is shit

So, the day before yesterday, I opened my laptop after the typical monthly important Windows updates. As usual, I had to restart at least half a dozen times for anything to work properly. I opened Firefox and it started updating. My expectations were really low, since every update has only made it worse (with the occasional fix for something that was actually broken, like Unicode fonts).

Then it opened, and it looked like shit. There was a page that said Firefox would now be twice as fast. "Skeptical" might be too mild a word to describe how I felt, but I figured that since there's no possibility of going back to how it was yesterday and the way I'd gotten used to it being, I'd at least give it a shot...

...and could I have been more surprised? Yeah. Obviously. Had it actually been faster, even just a little bit, that would've been a surprise. But no, as expected, it was much slower than ever before, and this was with my connection having five bars thanks to it being early in the morning. I couldn't wait to see how slow it would be when I got the usual four or even three bars, or during the evening when it can go down to two.

Of course, it kept slowing down, to a point where the fancy loading ball bouncing back and forth (instead of in a circle like before) was something I had to stare at for up to a minute for even Google to load. I had to refresh some Wikipedia pages at least twice because images wouldn't load. Other sites were just as slow.

Thankfully, it seemed to be temporary. Well, at least the extreme of it, but it is still slower than it was before the update to Firefox Quantum. It keeps going back to being that slow at random, but it doesn't last for longer than maybe five minutes or so. This could be completely coincidental, but I really doubt it, considering the timing.

Not only that, now the Options and Bookmarks shortcuts aren't shown at the bottom of the homepage, and there doesn't seem to be any option to include them there. Who thought it would be a good idea to make it harder for people to change options, clear the cache, etc. and get all their bookmarks on a new window?

Annoyed, I set my homepage to the options page. But for the bookmarks, there doesn't seem to be any solution; only "show all bookmarks", but having literally thousands of bookmarks, I know better than to click that. There used to be a nice option to open all bookmarks in a separate window, complete with the search and tabs and all that. Now that that's gone, how are people like me supposed to go over older bookmarks and deleting ones that aren't necessary anymore easily? Some of them are sites that are gone forever, Wikipedia articles that have been renamed, etc. and as such they can't be deleted by opening the page and clicking on the star, since the page doesn't exist anymore. How are those bookmarks supposed to be deleted?

Also, nearly all addons are no longer compatible with Firefox. The only one that still works is Adblock, which is a real silver lining. Unfortunately, all of the filters are gone and I'll have to add every single one of them again. I had literally thousands of filters set up. Before you ask, yes, most of them were ads on porn sites. Now I'll have to set thousands of filters again, every single time I go on a porn site, or just about any site that uses ads.

The developers of viruses are bound to abuse this opportunity. They now have the chance to ravage all the exposed Firefox users. I can't even begin to imagine how Firefox's developers thought this would be a good idea. What's next? Making Adblock incompatible with some shitty excuse?

The one addon I actually miss is Flashgot. This supposed replacement, Bulk Media Downloader, is total shit compared to it. It not only doesn't allow me to save the files where I want to save them but automatically saves them in Downloads, it doesn't save them with sensical filenames. It's also really, really slow. Like, painfully slow. Since every file has to be cut & pasted from the Downloads folder to the folder I want to save it in, that takes even more time.

I tested how long it would take to download a single 150 MB porn video from Pornhub. It took about half an hour. Cutting & pasting it in my porn folder took maybe a minute, which isn't much, but consider how this would have stacked up if I'd have downloaded ten 150 MB porn videos.

And yes, I'm aware that this is most likely intentional; making it more inconvenient for people to download porn or anything else will discourage some from doing it at all, but it won't deter those who really want to download porn or whatever. It'll just make it more time-consuming, since every file has to be renamed and moved to their respective folders individually after downloading, and although that means less stuff will be downloaded overall, it's not going to have any real effect on anything.

Unless addons are now tightly regulated, an actual replacement for Flashgot is only a matter of time. If they are now tightly regulated, Firefox isn't the browser for the people by the people that it has always been so far, and that's going to mean bad publicity.

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