Saturday, 10 February 2018

Fuck Facebook

I really wish I could avoid making this post. Unfortunately, the point has been reached where I think it's best for everyone to complain about Facebook regardless of whether they use it or not.

Sometime ago, I made a Facebook account because I got this notification on both of my music pages:

Now, as someone who cares about his security (at least in terms of what personal information goes out there), I figured it couldn't hurt to do this. So, I made a personal account, and nothing changed., wait. That's not what happened. I logged out after a couple of minutes since I figured I didn't need to do anything more. I didn't add any personal information except my name and the city I live in; I didn't even upload a picture. I figure that's probably why the thing that happened next happened:

The next time I tried to log in, a day later, I got a notification saying that "suspicious activity" had been noticed on my account and that in order to regain access I needed to give them a picture that "clearly shows my face". What the fuck?

Well, I did just that. I waited three days because I read somewhere that it takes 72 hours for them to confirm it. After those three days had passed, I logged in and it seemed like everything was fine. I added a profile picture (although it was a greyscale one with my nose and mouth cropped out) and sent friend requests to my brother and a childhood friend, who Facebook somehow knew I know since they were the first two in the "people you may know" thing. Seems really suspicious that they know that I know them since I hadn't added any personal information, but well.

And what happens? I got locked out. Again. I hadn't been logged in for more than ten minutes. I sent them another selfie that clearly shows my face and started waiting, so that I could be done with Facebook forever. When I logged in to my page, I noticed that it had been automatically "unpublished", meaning nobody could see it. What. The. Actual. Fuck? I set it to "published" and logged out after posting about how I'm done with Facebook.

A couple of days later, I saw the childhood friend I sent a friend request to. She said she saw the friend request on Facebook and had tried to accept it, only for there to be some kind of an error message followed by her getting logged out automatically. Oh, and you know what the best part is? Apparently, Facebook had forcibly added my clear selfie (which was supposed to be used only for the purpose of confirming my identity) to be profile picture.

Without logging in, I went to my account's URL. It seemingly didn't exist. So, I tried to log in so that I could see whether they had deleted it or if it was just made private for some reason. I was met with the same "suspicious activity" message and prompted to send them another selfie. Which I did. Just so I can delete my account if I regain access to it. Let's just hope that that won't be deemed "suspicious" activity...

EDIT: Aaaaand my account has been disabled. They're demanding to see my ID. Holy fucking shit...

I guess Facebook is the new government of this dystopian future we now live in. All I want is to delete my account before they make that completely impossible, but I'm not sending them my fucking ID. I mean, if I do decide to send it to them, who's to say they'll even accept it? Who's to say they won't demand to see another form of identification, which I don't have? Since I'm Finnish, I only have one ID card that's used for everything; what if Facebook doesn't accept it? What happens then?

Facebook is bullying me. It's only a matter of time before they start bullying you, too, and it won't be funny like it is now; yes, I know you're laughing at me. You're laughing at some random Finn who got to taste American Freedom™. But when it's your turn to taste Freedom™, you won't be laughing. You'll be just as frustrated as I am right now.

Fuck Facebook.

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