Sunday, 1 July 2012

CHUG CHUG WUB WUB + some sorta update thingy

I should probably have posted this here, since it seems like only very few people listen it otherwise... not that any more would if I post it here. Anyway, yeah, it's just an extended version of the song "Chug Chug Wub Wub", some remastering and stuff (mostly making it heavier/more brutal/whatever) and mostly re-recorded vocals with new lyrics that aren't as ridiculous and stupid.

Also, there's gonna be a new Deformed Elephant Surgery album as soon as I get enough inspiration to do a few more new songs; right now, I've done two that are completely new, one that was on the split with Skull Incision (you can download it here) and this one, a remastered version of "Diabolical Corpse Predator" and an orchestral version of "Mutation", which isn't necessarily finished yet... if I'd just manage to make it epic instead of calming, that'd be awesome but... you know, it's hard to do something epic from something that isn't epic without changing it too much to be considered the same thing. :P

But yeah, probably at least 3 more new songs and something, then it'll be done.

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