Thursday, 26 July 2012

God pointed at me and said 'drop the bass'

...what? You think He pointed at me? No, no, He pointed at George W Bush. And yeah, I just have to post this as a separate post and not just put it into the last one. Why? Because I think it's funny, and I'm selfish. So, without further ado,
Yep, I had to do that, just because... you know... I don't know, I'm amazed about how funny sampling Bush's centuries a few years old speeches in songs can be. Even if he hasn't been the president there for a while, and about when I started making music, that was pretty much when Obama got an erection elected. So, yes, in a way, it's super-lame to sample Bush's speeches, but I mean, he was a bit odd and funny, not really the kind of guy you'd expect to be a president, and that won't go away just because he's not in charge anymore. And in case you didn't know, this is the song, and I'm really satisfied with how it ended up being:

If only everything I did could be so epic... but for some reason, I only manage to make one or two good songs per album. Someday, I'll do a compilation of all the best songs I've done. Am I selfish today? Yes, oh yes, I'm so selfish that I'm typing like a homosexual closet sadomasochist. (No offence to homosexual closet sadomasochists intended). If any homosexual closet sadomasochists are reading this, that's pretty creepy. No, I'm not saying that homosexual closet sadomasochists would be creepy, but it's just that if someone like that comes to my blog... it almost sends shivers down my spine. Why? Dunno, I just feel like it. Maybe I'm slightly homophobic. Well, I mean, not homophobic, just kinda worried that there'd be someone who'd start stalking me and want to gay rape me. That wouldn't be fun. Anyway... yeah, more about the future plan:

I don't know when, but when I've done something really epic, I'm going to remaster/re-record/re-edit/re-whatever at least 10 or so songs that I'm the most proud of, ask people's opinions about what they want to be remastered/re-recorded/re-edited/re-whatevered, and if someone's interested in doing remixes of any, those would be epic to be included, etc. and guest vocalists, etc. maybe as well on some tracks. You know, no one will ever want to do remixes of my stuff or do guest vocals (or have anything to do with me in any way) but still, it's not wrong to think positively of the future. Maybe that'll change, and someone miraculously will want to do guest vocals on some song or something. But you know, that's not really anything I'd worry about yet, since the whole compilation thing is probably gonna be in a couple of years, which isn't yet unless I somehow travel to the future, which I have no plans of right now.

And I think it'd finally be a good time to post this thing I did last year. Yeah, it's pretty much been exactly a year since I made it. Why did I never post it anywhere? Well, there's a good reason; I expected to use it somewhere, as an album cover or something... especially one certain album, but since that probably won't ever be made, it's pretty much useless to keep this hidden somewhere and just, you know, never put it online.
...if it's not obvious, it's some kind of man thingy. I don't know why he's like that, or what he is, but that doesn't matter. :P

Oh, and I did a vocal video... already a few weeks ago, but I never posted about it on this blog, mostly because I forgot. It's pretty much a joke, and I didn't try to sound as good as I try when recording songs or anything. Just for fun, you know. I mean, everything I do is for fun, if I don't like something, I don't do it... but like, you know. It's only shitty growls and a few quarter-assed high screams.

But still, I uploaded it to Youtube... makes you wonder why, does it? I just like to do stuff and if I don't upload videos I make to Youtube, no matter how shitty they are, I feel even more lame than I am. You don't want me to feel lame, do you? Oh, you do. Well, I won't stop posting stuff to this blog, I won't stop making videos to Youtube, I won't stop making music, I won't stop making art, I won't stop writing, etc. etc. etc. I also won't commit suicide, no matter how many people keep telling me that. Although, only a few of them know who I am... mostly just random people on random websites, who say it to everyone. You know, like on Omegle.

Oh, and I've started writing a third novel simultaneously, so that means even slower progress on the two. Sorry, all the 2 people who're interested in those, but I can't stop myself from getting cool ideas that are worth writing about. You're all gonna love it, even those who hate me. ;) You know why? Because the whole plot is gonna be so epic that it's the best thing ever, if I just succeed in writing it properly. Chances of that happening are very, very tiny. But like, even if I don't succeed at making it epic, it'll still be weird, and people like weird. Or at least I like weird, which is why I'm writing it... anyway, it's about a girl whose family starts having problems, weird things start happening to her friends, mostly things from my dreams/nightmares, since my dreams tend to be pretty weird (although I know someone whose dreams are at least just as weird, if not weirder. He's really awesome. C*******, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU!!! In a platonic way) and well, just things that are weird overall, like a God of death who looks like a shark-man with Japanese yellow cellphone-suit-clad dancers who throw chickens out of their pockets. Yeah, I know that doesn't sound even remotely weird, but trust me, that's one of the least normal things that will be in the whole thing. But yeah, I haven't stopped writing the other two things (the scifi/horror thing and the horror/crime thing), and I'll finish writing everything at some point, but for now, I'm mostly focusing on making music and writing that one thing that's gonna be weird.

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