Thursday, 12 September 2013

Deformed Elephant Surgery - Sugracine (2013) + future plans

Yeah, this album sucks for the most part, but I still wanted to upload it everywhere and shit. Isn't that how babies are made?
01. Bepurpalusk
02. North Korea
03. Projectile Tentacle Pathogen
04. Shadows
05. Paradise
06. A Plumber's Wet Pipe Dream
07. Swaglocked in a Downbeatbox
08. Necrotizing Erotogenic Chthonophagia
09. Mermaids and Magic Wands
10. Stains (of a Princess)

Download from Mediafire or from Bandcamp

...and I messed up the order of the songs, but I was too lazy to fix it, since I already uploaded it to Mediafire and half to Bandcamp. It was supposed to be so that "Swaglocked in a Downbeatbox" and "Necrotizing Erotogenic Chthonophagia" are the other way around, but it doesn't really matter, since they both sound like absolute shit. :P


Anyway, there will be a much better album later, not sure if this year or next, since I'm kinda slow at doing stuff that's actually even remotely good... but if you want a preview of what kind of stuff that will be, listen "Biomechanochemical Agglomeration of the Behemoths" and "SW☆G". Heaviness will vary, of course, but at least a few more songs will have kinda death metalish parts, unless I totally screw up and get tired of doing that or something.

Is there anyone out there who'd want to rap in the couple of parts in "SW☆G" and maybe some other songs for the upcoming album? Because, personally, I just keep failing no matter how much I try, and it'd be awesome to collaborate with a rapper. If anyone's interested, comment on this or send a message on Youtube or something.

It wouldn't matter at all what the lyrics would be about, but hopefully something that'd at least kind of fit with the rest of the stuff.

Just so you know, I'm not expecting anyone to give a fuck, so if you're thinking of posting comments like "ur a lame faggot rape urself", don't bother. It'd just make me facepalm.

Still, it would be really, really great if someone was up for it... especially if it was someone who raps fast and loud and stuff, haha. Anyone? No one? Fuck my life.

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