Friday, 12 December 2014

Vlürch - Neon Pornocopia (2014)


1. Percussive Alchemy
2. Larvae in the Trance Clone Unit
3. Sensual Undulation
4. Romantic Dildo Exorcism
5. Magical Reverse Cowgirl Scouts
6. Oxymoronic Florilegium: Heath Priviledger's Mindfuck Parade (the police are coming, hide the sausage!)
7. Šiçılıəsk a Hşaj (नरक·स्वर्ग + 蛇魔神の呪われた神聖黒石 + 나가·죽지않는황제 + ஙਗ੍ਰੂਮ੍ਹ옖ഷുംઍվ)
Click song titles to listen on Youtube.

Download from Mediafire, or Bandcamp.

I'm pretty proud of this album, even though "Kenosis" is probably a lot better in every way except that this is weirder and much more experimental.

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