Saturday, 9 December 2017

Vlürch - Viral Menticide (2017)

Yeah, that's Comic Sans in the album art.

01. Hidden Tornado Escalator
02. Ouroboric Phantasmagoria
03. Viral Menticide
04. The Great Pelvic Horn
05. Mother Nature
06. Fun City (feat. my dad)
07. Flesh Halo
08. 密室
09. Napalm Rimjob
10. Hogtied Prayer Technique
11. Magnetic Signpost Hallucination
Click on song titles to listen on Youtube.


I was worried I wouldn't finish an album this year, but I did. Just in time for Finland's 100th independence day, too, even though I forgot to post it in this blog. Whether any of the songs are actually listenable is another matter entirely, though... but I'm still proud of how this turned out; well, at least certain parts of certain songs, anyway.

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